The Cavy Corner Guinea Pig Rescue currently has 3 male guinea pigs available for adoption!

Sonny, a beautiful 1-2 year old abyssinian. He would do best in a home as the only guinea pig, or paired with a very submissive partner.

Pedro, a 9 month old peruvian. He will require daily brushing, and a monthly trip to the groomer's to keep his hair under control. He would do best in a home with another guinea pig, as he is very friendly and social.

Kodiak (Kodi), a 2 month old abyssinian. He will require a home with at least 1 other male guinea pig. Kodi is very insecure and nervous.

Rescuing a guinea pig can be very rewarding. Each guinea pig has their own heart warming story, and truly deserves a forever family.
These pigs have been waiting a long time for someone to take them home.

Please contact us asap if you wish you adopt a pig.