I have for sale one new high end gaming/multimedia PC.
All components were chosen and installed by myself, and were chosen for their high quality and performance. All original retail packaging for each component is available.
This computer is designed for graphic and processor intensive uses such as gaming, graphic design, video editing and multi-media.
I will include a full description of each component. Please feel free to contact me for a complete, detailed list of components, as well as images of the system.
The system is housed in a Corsair 400R Mid-tower case.
This system uses a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard, which includes many great features, including USB 3.0, On/Off charge so that you can charge you ipad or other devices even while the system is powered off, and 3X USB power.
The processor is an Intel Core i7 clocked at 3.2 GHZ, one of the newest, most powerful processors available today.
The system includes 16 GB of ram, with the possibility of expansion in the future. Also inlcuded is a DLink wireless adapter for wireless connectivity.
Graphics are handled by an MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr overclocked edition graphics processor. The Twin Frozr fan design keeps the card cool and runs very quietly. With it you can play all the most recent games, including BF3, Batman Arkham City, and Skyrim on the highest settings at p resolution with no problem at all. It is also powerful enough for high-end video editing and graphic design.
Included is an OCZ Vertex 3 60GB SSD 6GB per second boot drive. An SSD drive allows your system to boot quickly and access information as quickly as possible. This design allows you quick access to your operating system and your most often used applications.
A 500 GB hard drive is included to file storage as well as application installation.
The system is powered by a 750 Watt OCZ modular power supply, which runs coolly and quietly, and allows you the option of adding graphics processors and other internal peripherals in the future.
This system comes with a retail copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.
I will deliver this system locally for free.
Asking price is $.00 OBO