Christmas Baking Order
Made fresh when ordered. Made with real butter and the freshest of name brand ingredients.
Peanut butter cup squares - $8/Dozen
Cupcake Bites - $1.50/each - $15/dozen
Cookie Balls - Regular Oreo - Mint Oreo - Chocolate chip - $1.50/bite - $15/dozen
Russian T Balls - $7/Dozen
Shortbread - $7/Dozen
Butterscotch Church Windows- $7/Dozen
Pie Pockets - Apple - Cherry - Blueberry - other fillings available by request - $1.50/each - $15/dozen
Cheese Cake Cookie Mini Cups - Cherry - Blueberry - other topping available by request - $9/dozen
Cream Cheese Brownie Mini Cupcakes - $9/Dozen
Lemon Cookies - $7/Dozen
Orders MUST be placed by December 9th. All orders MUST be picked up by December 23rd.
You can call me at 705-949- (please feel free to leave a message)
Thank You
Heidi Simard